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Kelowna Training Program

The Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program offers an extraordinary opportunity for both personal growth and professional development. Led by our superb Educational Director Julie Peck, the Kelowna FPTP will be a stimulating, experiential programme taught by a carefully chosen team with expertise in many fields including education, the arts, physiotherapy, psychology, human development and martial arts. Throughout, there will be an emphasis on the sensory-based learning on which the Method is founded and this will be supported by discussions, reading and projects. You will understand your personal learning techniques and how to develop your own and your clients’ capacity for learning. Our programme also contains an exciting on-line component to provide continuous learning opportunities, mentoring, self-assessment and staff support. As well we have a beautiful environment in Kelowna that will further enhance the learning environment.

Note: The Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training program has begun and is no longer accepting applications. For other programs in North America, please visit:

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